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We specialise in hospital supplies, GP surgery equipment, medical students accessories, nursing homes and general medical supplies through to First Aid Kits. Our product list includes Linen Savers, Autoclaves, Adult Diapers, Gown Surgical Sterile, Ultrasound Gel, Urine Bag, UV Sterilizer, Mask Aesthetic, Mask Surgical Ear Loop, Nasal Cannula Adult, Wheelchair Commode, Oxygen Concentrator trolley, Patient Monitors, crutches, sutures, surgical instruments, bed pans, syringes, spinal needles, biopsy needles, hypodermic needles, cannula intravenous, dressing trolley, walking frames, hospital beds, adult wheelchairs, Paper Tape Non Allergenic, Gauze Swabs Sterile, First Aid Dressing, peak flow disposable mouthpieces, Forceps Budget, First Aid Dressing, feeding tubes, Bandage, Gauze Swabs, Paper Tape Non Allergenic, Bandage Conforming, CPR Mouthpieces, Cotton Buds, Forceps Budget, Plaster Roll Zinc, guedel airways, Scissors Budget, we supply to most countries in the region, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Lesotho.


is one of biggest supplier of medical products in South Africa. We have supply medical kits
Monitoring vital signs is integral to patient care in acute hospitals. Traditionally, the five vital signs are blood pressure (BP), pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO 2) and temperature. These signs are universally used to monitor patients’ progress. Changing trends in patients’ vital signs data can indicate clinical deterioration, which, without identification and intervention, can lead to adverse consequences or death
• Aerosol Therapy.
• Airway Management.
• CPAP Therapy.
• Humidification and Filtration.
• Medication Delivery & Asthma Management.
• Oxygen Therapy.
• Resuscitation.
We offer Respiratory Supplies At Lowest Prices – Buy Nebulizers, Oxygen Cylinders, CPAP Supplies. Nebulizers And Compressors. Tracheostomy. Oxygen Therapy. CPAP and BiPAP System. Allergy Prevention and Relief. Suction Therapy. Pulse Oximeters. Peak Flow Meters/Spirometers.